Friday, February 24, 2012


Taylor Pruit & Joseph Shopen

A monument to bring people together and to illuminate the concept of people coming together as a community. The structure is placed in the heart of the nation bringing all people together from north south east and west. A light is under the person when they walk on the structure. 

When people come together, more light is generated thus visually emphasizing the idea of togetherness. The tall structures are symbolic of various individuals coming together as a whole.

This monument can be experienced during the day, but it’s more powerful at night due the natural idea of light being more dominate in the dark. The night helps to emphasize the light which is active underneath anyperson who crosses the threshold. This will hopefully attract people from the highway and side roads to come and see what’s going on. 

NEW THOUGHT when people come together there's a little tinkling of a bell. and when more join together you hear more bells. Or you hear a symphony building up. (what about different groups in different places?) or should there be a consistently different spot that people have to find together? or do they always go to the center? symphony in the prairie. sound could be amazing. 

first you see the light. use light to draw people in. - up high (color or mirror in the day time). must draw people in from a distance... tinkerbell-like light... a subtle curious light (can be seen way high up and way far away [i.e. a candle alone can be seen from miles away at night...]) —lightning bugs?— sort of like aaaaaaa hologram?... reflection in a small mirror can be seen from far away in the day as well... 

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