Monday, September 19, 2011

some progress

sculptural, 2D, planes, moveable, colouful, energetic, versatile, sophisticated, refined, aesthetical, simplistic, contemporary/modernist...?

Missing colours - energy. 

Friday, September 16, 2011


Need: I want to write with other people.
Solution: Pass it on notebook. One person can get a notebook, get information about other writers online, write a narrative, and then mail it off to the next person. Could be done online or off.

Need: I can never learn the dance steps even though I watch it over and over again.
Solution: Step by step translator by a program watching the video. Person upload could also type in notes and feelings.

Need: I can't find any inspiration anywhere.
Solution: Idea bouncer. A space created where people can take photos (or other medias) and share and "bounce" off ideas... literally in a virtual space.

Need: I want to share work with others.
Solution: Online galleries by individual profiles, group/department, whole community.

Need: I want to start my collection of other people's work.
Solution: Collecting space where users can "grab" art/writing/videos. Somehow can't copy or save though because of rights. —personal collection, or offer credits.

Need: I don't know what equipment to use.
Solution: Place where people can suggest, rate, review, etc. equipment.

Need: I don't have any tools or materials to start anything.
Solution: Exchange place with a no money system (trading post). Perhaps suggest places you can get cheap supplies.

Need: I want critique from other people.
Solution: Place for interactive commenting by keywords or ideas or even writing on.

Need: Where do I even start learning a skill?
Solution: Beginner's section where there are tutorials in various medias.

Need: I want to draw with others.
Solution: Interactive canvas online that detects by mouse or by camera movements and allows users to draw on screen using unconventional tools. No need for a pad.

Need: I need help remembering choreography.
Solution: Dance in front of the camera and a program records what happens through text using dance terminology.

Need: I want to choreograph a dance involving a group of people.
Solution: Meet other people who wants to learn new choreography, post choreographed dance and let them learn, come back together and "dance" together.

Need: I'm too advanced for any additional learning.
Solution: Contribute by becoming a "mentor" and teach/guide younger/inexperienced members provided through a "help hotline" with one on one live video chat.

Need: I don't understand the culture/language behind this.
Solution: Group of "translators" (through a program or volunteer) deciphers for people who are lost.

Need: I want to incorporate another person with a different culture's work into my work.
Solution: Get person's info and collaborate through posting own work and working together online to blend together using live chat with sharing screens.

Need: ways to easilly collaborate.
Solution:  community members can virually build (with analogue, ditital, multimedia components). can link notes, videos, inspirational artefacts, photos, etc. to virtual project. Some virtual projects can actually be made physically if so desired.

Need: ways to let people of different talents collaborate. (ie dance meets writing, music meets fine arts, etc.)
Solution: use virtual multimedia tools/interface to allow members to collaborate remotely, or if they meet up, the tool can easilly facilitate their physical collaborations. using audio/video/recording devices/etc..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

DS... phase uno

[Joseph] Phase 1 ABOUT THIS PHASE: I decided to go with re-branding the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, MO. It seems to be a very good opportunity for such a thriving organisation — with three different locations in the city and a fantastic growing collection of contemporary art. The Kemper is very often having new and exciting exhibitions from well know artist around the world. Activity of the Kemper ranges from many different exhibitions with various medias (new and traditional) to fine dinning, to special events, to a maintaining a fantastic local-artist-driven gift shop. The Kemper is a privately (and locally...) run organisation in KC that shows a lot of internationally acclaimed contemporary art with its permanent collection. And has 12 featured art exhibits every year — there are always new exhibitions with visiting international artists. In selecting its exhibitions it strives to represent national and international aesthetic and cultural diversity. In addition the Kemper aims, in general, to foster the arts in a way for participants to exchange, debate, and greater understanding of the human experience. In phase one of this project, I propose to develop two major aspects of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary art. I mentioned that there seems to be a considerable amount of missed opportunity (first of all) in regards to the current brand, or design system of the museum. if you look at slide [#4] below, you can see a sample of the Kemper's current brand elements. There is an overall lack of cohesion among even the brand of the museum itself, let alone almost every product they have themselves. Further more, the current visual identity does not seem to do credit to the versatility, energy, creativity, and diversity of this internationally renowned institution. The current brand seems to lack the innovative potentiality that the versatile and energetic essence the Kemper has — I think the Kemper deserves a downright sexy overall visual identity in general. The Kemper is quite successful in what it does (in getting people to appreciate the arts). But what MORE could it be? I think it can and should be more aggressive in an effort to cater to a wider audience, perhaps they might think about encouraging art that uses new media that is interactive, or developing programs or artifacts that are more directly educational to the general public — inovative education for art appreciation. The Kemper is a wonderful little gem for contemporary art lovers in Kansas City — but it should be a gem for art lovers and non-art lovers for the entire country and the world!

 < 1 visual inspiration2 brand attributes (current and proposed)

 3 > key comparable< 4 current brand elements

 5 > brand essence