Thursday, January 26, 2012

LIGHT and dark

brain storming

...Black and light. 

concept 1

concept 2

concept 3 - *upload

concept 4  *upload
    use type (ambiguous words subtly seen) and sound (ambiguous sounds and quotations philosophy, from films, with music - collage of appropriate sounds).

concept 5  *upload
   a way to embody  dark and embody light. seamlessly... as night time is all around us and daylight is all around us. - in a small room... (any-shaped construction) that surrounds you and at any moment it can get light or dark ... sketch it. light and dark comes from outside the room and projected onto the walls (from outside). walls could be a thin fabric-like material, or a kind of frosted glass or whatever. 

concept 6  *upload

cool random pics/visual audit sort of neat item:

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